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About APProach

The project at a glance

There are many practical obstacles that EU citizens face when deciding to move with their families to another EU country: poor administrative services, social inclusion, schooling insertion, additional requirements to register to vote/stand as a candidate in the European Parliament or the municipal elections. All of this can be reduced to an overall communication problem that affects all aspects of EU citizens’ inclusion.

The project will focus its attention on three important aspects of EU Mobile Citizens (EUMCs) inclusion

  • Access to the voting system
  • Kids schooling enrollment
  • EUMCs’ active participation in civic life

The project encompasses relevant horizontal priorities

  • The overall improvement of internal and external communication concerning EU mobility.
  • Training of municipal staff: English training and awareness-raising concerning EU mobile citizens’ rights. A great majority of EU citizens that decide to move abroad speaks English, at least at B1 level, it is therefore important that civil servants based in the selected municipalities can use this language to share information concerning bureaucratic aspects and services for EUMCs.
  • Training of EU mobile citizens concerning their rights when moving to another EU country and about procedures to facilitate their access to local services (especially vote, schooling, decision making).


  • Facilitate the circulation of information and guidelines to promote the effective exercise of free movement rights of EUMCs living elsewhere in Europe and future mobile EU citizens.
  • Study the challenges faced by local authorities when welcoming EUMCs.
  • Propose efficient solutions regarding these challenges.


Phase 1: Preparation and context analysis

  • Management and administrative arrangements; setting a Communication and Dissemination Plan; implementing a kick-off meeting in Paris
  • Focus groups study: carried out simultaneously in each municipality involved with local authorities’ selected staff and with EUMCs, with the aim of studying system deficiencies, challenges, and needs concerning EU citizens’ mobility.
  • Digital ecosystem preparation

Phase 2: Implementation: IT tools development and exchange of best practices

  • Exchange of best practices of municipalities involved and other relevant stakeholders, with the participation of Associate Partners
  • Development of IT tools
  • Assessment and adjustment of the digital ecosystem through focus groups
  • Building and empowering of a community of interest

Phase 3: Dissemination

  • External office campaign and events
  • Publications, with two important publications: one focused on the analysis carried out during the project implementation (surveys, focus groups, training) and the second a solution manual, including all possible solutions to obstacles detected within the project focus groups
  • Promotional material: the project aims at realising two webinars (an explanatory webinar presenting the digital ecosystem (sections, functions, and its characteristics); and a webinar offering guidelines for public local stakeholders concerning how to involve EUMCs in local life and presenting EUMCs free movement rights) and a short promotional video to promote the “APProach” digital ecosystem and the active participation of EUMCs


Lead partner

  • ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy – France

Project partners

  • Municipality of Paris - France
  • Municipality of Milan – Italy
  • Municipality of Nea Smyrni – Greece
  • Municipality of Etterbeek – Belgium
  • Municipality of Vejle – Denmark
  • Municipality of Lisbon – Portugal

Associate partners

  • Municipality of Warsaw – Poland
  • Municipality of Amsterdam - Netherlands


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